'Christmas Cat's Fugue'
Premium Art Print Christmas Advent Calendar
Printed in Germany
A quintet of mischievous kittens play on a harpsichord in an etching that was inspired by Domenico Scarlatti's sonata 'Katzen-Fugue' or Cat's Fugue. Written in 1739, the composer based the piece on a motif of notes his pet cat "played" while walking across the keyboard of his harpsichord. A charming Christmas calendar, each of the twenty-four doors hide a different surprise image. Printed on a satin-finish, sturdy cardstock, it is made in Germany by an art publishing house that was founded in 1793.
Sold as one Advent calendar.
This pictorial Advent calendar is
14¾” wide by 10¼" high.
'Christmas Cat's Fugue' Calendar