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Christmas Tree Candles & Clips
Traditional Christmas Tree Lighting Accessories
Tree Candles • Metal Clips
Legend has it that lit candles were first placed on the branches of a Christmas tree to replicate stars twinkling in the night sky. One of the earliest kinds of tree ornamentations, our candles and clip-on holders are still made in Europe by firms that specialize in the production of these nostalgic Christmas tree decorations.
Christmas Tree Candles
•  Festive candles for the Christmas tree  •

Christmas Tree & Chime Candles
Our standard-size wax candles are the same traditional style that have
been used to trim Christmas trees in Europe for more than 100 years.
They can be used with any of the candle holders that we offer.
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• Christmas tree candles are 4" high and 1/2" wide •
Box of 20 pieces ~ Made in Germany
White Candles
Box of 20 candles
4" high • ½" wide
#CA26W   $5.95
Ivory Candles
Box of 20 candles
4" high • ½" wide
#CA26IV   $5.95
Red Candles
Box of 20 candles
4" high • ½" wide
#CA26R   $5.95
Green Candles
Box of 20 candles
4" high • ½" wide
#CA26GR   $5.95
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Old-Fashioned Christmas Tree Candles
Certainly some the earliest adornments to grace the Christmas tree, candles are still quite popular with Christmas traditionalists. Candles can be enjoyed as decorations on the tree for their old-time look; but to actually illuminate the tree we use white midget electric lights. In a darkened room, the combination of the candles with tiny twinkling lights on the branches creates a fairyland effect that is ever-so magical!
Our standard wax candles can be used on smaller, tabletop-size trees as well as for large, full-size Christmas trees. They are suitable for both artificial and live trees, and are authentic Victorian-era accents for goose feather trees.
Please do note that for safety reasons, we
recommend that you don't light candles
on your Christmas tree, but simply enjoy
them for their old-time decorative charm.
Our standard-size candles can also be used to
light angel chimes, with Advent wreaths and
on holiday centerpiece floral arrangements