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Counter-Balance Candle Holders
•  Old-style pendulum Christmas tree candle holders  •

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Counter-Balance Candle Holders from Germany
  One of the earliest types of decorations for the tree, counter-balance candle holders have been used to trim Christmas trees since the 1860's. Also referred to as pendulum candle holders, weights at the bottom of the holder acts as a "counter balance" to keep candles held securely upright on the boughs of a Christmas tree. Our metal holders are made with hooks so that you can add your own custom, ornamental weights.
Counter-balance candle holders are 5-3/8" long overall,
fluted cups are 1-3/4" wide. Our import from Germany.
Set of 2 candle holders per color.     Each set  
Matte Gold   #CL090G
Silver   #CL090S
Out of stock