1950's Santa Elf Girl Ornaments
Old-Style Cuties made with Vintage
Japanese Heads & Accessories!
Our adorable Christmas elf ornaments have genuine vintage "Made in Japan" heads and accessories that date to the early 1950's! Made with glittered spun cotton bodies and trimmed with either an old store stock Japanese glass ball indent, sparkled brush tree or holiday wreath, these wee elves were designed and crafted in our atelier. Gift boxed.
Sold as one elf girl ornament.
Santa elves all measure 2½" high to
the top of their fur-trimmed hoods.
Each has a gold loop for hanging.
Santa Elf Girl ~ Ball - Sold out
Santa Elf Girl ~ Tree - Sold out
Santa Elf Girl ~ Christmas Wreath
These gift wrapped elves are fun for
grab bag gifts or stocking stuffers!