Bouillon Wire Trim
Authentic Leonian "Crinkle Wire"
Gold, Silver & Copper ~ Germany
Old-time bouillon wires are a favorite tree trim: gently pull open the coiled wire, then drape on the branches of your tree for a subtly sparkling gleam. Metal bouillon wire has been used as an embellishment on ornaments since Victorian times, and is still very popular with crafters. This "zigzag" variety of crinkle wire is produced from flattened, plated copper wire that is spun into a tight spiraled coil. Please note that the real silver plating used is "guaranteed to tarnish."
Sold as one color per container.
Gold bouillon: 1 pc. approx. 26"
Silver bouillon: 1pc. approx. 26"
Copper bouillon: 2 pcs. approx. 40"
Zigzag Bouillon ~ Gold
Bouillon ~ Silver - out of stock
Zigzag Bouillon ~ Copper