'Patriotic Belsnickle'
Chalkware Santa ~ Blue Coat
An Exclusive Holiday Decoration
From the Blümchen Atelier
A popular American folk art of the 19th century, chalkware figurines are highly collectible, with none more so than this old-time "Belsnickle" style Santa Claus. Imbued with old-fashioned charm, he is a nostalgic addition to any holiday tableau. Chalkware Santa comes with a hardwood display base. Gift boxed.
An original creation from our atelier, he was cast of solid chalkware in a New Jersey workshop just for us. Beautifully painted by hand by our artists, the real goose feather sprig is ornamented with American-made brass stars, his coat trim is vintage cotton chenille, and the base is glimmered with mica hoarfrost.
Sold as one chalkware figure.
Belsnickle Santa stands 9½" high.
Hardwood base is 3½" by ½".
Patriotic Belsnickle ~ Blue Coat