* An Important Note ~ Please Read *
If you have never used spun glass before,
be aware that it is very much like Fiberglass,
and can be itchy. It's best to wear rubber
gloves when handling Feen-Haar, and to work
over newspaper when decorating or crafting
with spun glass so that you can catch any
loose glass fibers. We recommend that you
not use this product if small children or pets
will have access to your Christmas tree.
A favorite tree trim since Victorian times, spun glass fairy's hair enjoyed a surge in popularity during the 1940's, when it was used to swath each electric Christmas tree light bulb in puffy clouds of these super-fine glass fibers. When the tree was lit, the light from the colored bulbs would glow through the gleaming puffs of spun glass, so that the Christmas tree would glow in the dark like a mini aurora borealis! Also commonly referred to as angel hair in America, our Feen-Haar is produced in a family-owned workshop in Germany. Each bag has 15 grams of non-inflammable, curly white spun glass.
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