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"Watte" Spun Cotton Wadding Craft Shapes
Blümchen's Authentic Watte from Germany
Old-Time Spun Cotton Supplies
Just what you've been asking for - authentic cotton Watte craft shapes! Also referred to as "spun cotton," these lightweight craft shapes are spun and individually molded from a natural cellulose material. Traditionally used in the manufacturer of holiday ornaments and decorations, Watte can be used for a myriad of craft projects. Our direct import from the manufacturer in Germany, you won't find a larger selection of these unique craft items anywhere else.
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Wadding Craft Shapes ~ Design Ideas & Tips
Authentic Watte from Germany
Make you own Watte mushrooms ~
instructions coming soon!

Want to make your own old-fashioned Watte
mushrooms? Our artists are hard at work
creating step-by-step instructions so that you
can create cute mushroom ornaments,
floral sprays and cupcake picks of your own!

Please check back later this week
for more details as well as our artists'
design ideas and insider tips for working
with spun cotton wadding craft shapes.
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