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Single-Ply Crepe Paper Folds
Made in the USA
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Traditional Crepe Paper Folds ~ Standard Single-Ply
Superior Quality • Made in America
This classic crepe paper is the same traditional quality as that which was available back in the good old days! Produced in America, it is still manufactured on the very same machines that made the well-known "Dennison" brand crepe paper back in the early-to-mid 20th century.
Created with a tight, fine "creped" texture, this crepe paper is made from high quality tissue paper. Crepe colors will run when wet. Flame-resistant. Each folded crepe paper sheet is 20 inches wide by 7-1/2 feet long, which is a total of 12-1/2 square feet. Made in the USA.
Viewed colors of crepe paper will vary on different computer monitors
If you have a question about any of the colors of single-ply crepe paper
in our selection, please call us at 1-866-653-9627 for assistance.
Single-Ply Crepe Paper Folds ~ Selection of Thirty Colors
Each package has one folded crepe paper sheet which is 20" wide by 7½' long.
#CPR000   $1.45
French Vanilla
#CPR007   $1.45
Primrose Yellow
#CPR003   $1.45
Hot Yellow
#CPR005   $1.45
Buttercup Yellow
#CPR006   $1.45
#CPR009   $1.45
#CPR010   $1.45
Bright Orange
#CPR015   $1.45
Whisper Pink
#CPR016   $1.45
#CPR018   $1.45
English Rose
#CPR019   $1.45
Hot Pink
#CPR020   $1.45
Flame Red
#CPR026   $1.45
#CPR039   $1.45
#CPR034   $1.45
French Violet
#CPR038   $1.45
Royal Purple
#CPR040   $1.45
Midnight Blue
#CPR048   $1.45
Sapphire Blue
#CPR045   $1.45
Ice Blue
#CPR043   $1.45
#CPR051   $1.45
#CPR041   $1.45
#CPR042   $1.45
Apple Green
#CPR053   $1.45
Leaf Green
#CPR054   $1.45
Holiday Green
#CPR057   $1.45
Forest Green
#CPR059   $1.45
#CPR070   $1.45
Dove Gray
#CPR072   $1.45
#CPR075   $1.45