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Best Irish Linen Thread
What a fabulous find! This is the same top-quality Irish linen thread that our artists use in the Blümchen atelier. We were thrilled when our supplier, a third-generation Oriental carpet and rug supply company in New York City, let us know that they had found original, unopened boxes of this vintage linen thread! Dating to at least the 1960's, the 3 cord "Miller Brand - Best Linen Carpet Thread" was made in Northern Ireland. While the wooden spools are labeled by weight, and not yardage, we can tell you that they contain hundreds and hundreds of yards and that even in our atelier the spools last for years. Sold as one spool per size.

Great for any sewing project, this is a wonderful thread to use for stringing glass Christmas tree chains because of its superior strength and durability.
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Best Irish Linen Thread #40 -2 oz. fine
Best Irish Linen Thread #25 - 4 oz. heavy
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