Blümchen's Lametta tinsel roping and roping "bumps" are our direct import from the manufacturers in Germany. Created with a stiff, twisted wire center, these old-time tinsel roping trims can be shaped into a myriad of fanciful designs for any holiday project, from Victorian-inspired ornaments to glittering angel halos for the little ones to wear in Christmas plays and church pageants! While our narrow and wide tinsel roping is still being manufactured in Germany, the tinsel bumps roping was custom-made for us by a firm which closed in 2003. We commissioned a final stock of inventory to be produced just for us, but do note that quantities are limited.
Lametta Tinsel Wired Roping and Roping Bumps
Blümchen's Authentic Metallic Tinsel Roping from Germany
Traditional Wired Roping and "Bumps" Wired Roping
Narrow and Wide Widths ~ Gold, Silver and Fancy Colors

Narrow Lametta Tinsel Wired Roping ~ 3/16" Wide
Each package contains one piece which is 3/16" wide and 6' long (72" long)
Our narrowest Lametta roping, this glittery metallic wired tinsel trim is very popular with crafters and
artisans alike because it can be used for so many varied projects. A wonderful trim for any holiday
project and whenever you want to add a little sparkle to a design, it is manufactured in Germany.
Narrow Tinsel Roping
#LA007G    $7.95
Narrow Tinsel Roping
#LA007S    $7.95
Narrow Tinsel Roping
Silver & Blue
#LA007SBL    $7.95
Narrow Tinsel Roping
Silver & Pink
#LA007SPK    $7.95

Wide Lametta Tinsel Wired Roping ~ 5/8" Wide
Each package contains one piece which is 5/8" wide and 6 1/2' long (78" long)
A nice, full width for creating lavish, Victorian-style scrap and tinsel Christmas ornaments, our metal
Lametta tinsel roping can be shaped into a myriad of designs which will retain their shape because
of its twisted-wire center. A great way to add some glimmer to wreaths, floral arrangements, and all
manner of holiday decorations, it's made especially for Blümchen in Germany. And remember -- this
tinsel roping is so authentically created, that the silver-plated Lametta used is "guaranteed to tarnish"!
Wide Tinsel Roping ~ Gold
#LA920G    $10.75
Wide Tinsel Roping ~ Silver
#LA920S    $10.75
Wide Tinsel Roping ~ Gold & Silver
#LA920GS    $10.75
All of the traditional crafting supplies used to embellish the nostalgic Lametta
tinsel Victorian-style Christmas tree ornaments pictured above are available in
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