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Ornament Caps and Clips
Christmas ornament restoration and crafting supplies
bird leg clips ~ ornament caps ~ crown fasteners
Blümchen's ornament caps and clips are the same supplies used by the Christmas ornament industry in Europe. These traditional metal caps and clips will give your own designs a professional look, and are a handy resource to keep on hand for the repair or restoration of antique and vintage holiday ornaments.
Bird Leg Ornament Clips
•  Metal clips with wire legs from Germany  •

1940's Style Bird Leg Clips
Our decorative bird leg clips are nifty for repairing vintage glass ornaments, and if you are a crafter, the clip-on fasteners are a stylish way to display your creations on a tree. Gold spring clips have a single spiraled wire "leg." From Germany.
Oblong tin clips are 1" long by 3/8" wide.
Wire leg is 5/8" high by 1/16" wide.
Gold Clips - 2 pieces
#CL200G    $2.50
1930's Style Bird Leg Clips
Authentic ornament supplies that we import from a family-run manufacturer in Germany, these '30s style tin clips have a truly traditional appearance. Metal spring clip fasteners are made with a pair of spiraled wire "legs." Ours from Germany.
Fluted tin clips are 1-1/8" long by 1/2" wide.
Wire legs are 1/2" high by 1/16" wide.
These little clips are great for creating
your own custom, fanciful decorations!
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Bird Leg Clips ~ 1 leg
Gold clips - Out of stock
Bird Leg Clips ~ 2 legs
Silver clips - 2 pieces
Bird Leg Clips ~ 2 legs
Gold clips - 2 pieces
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Old-Time Spring Clip Bird Legs
Do you have any blown glass bird ornaments that have misplaced their legs? Now with our replacement bird leg clips, any clip-on bird ornament can happily perch on the boughs of your Christmas tree once again!
 Manufactured in Germany especially for the blown glass Christmas ornament industry, we import these impossible-to-find metal clips for collectors, crafters and decorators. Suitable for repairing many different types of antique blown glass ornaments, we offer the clips with one or two spiralled-wire legs. And the clips are also wonderful when crafting your own new or vintage-style holiday ornaments because they add a polished, professional look to your creations.
All of our bird leg clip fasteners and pronged
ornament clips are sold in sets of two pieces.
Are your blown glass ornaments also in need of spun
glass tails or wings? Shop our Spun Glass Collection >
Pronged Ornament Clips
Our old-style Christmas ornament pronged clips are designed to hold blown glass ornaments upright on tree branches. Made with a spring clamp, the four-pronged cup holder can be pinched tighter to adjust the fit. Tin clips are from Germany.
Oblong tin clips are 1-1/8" long by 3/8" wide.
Pronged cups are 1/2" high by 3/8" wide.
Gold Clips - 2 pieces
#CL304G    $2.50
Silver Clips - 2 pieces
#CL304S    $2.50