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Curly Spun Glass
'Feen-Haar' ~

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Curly Spun Glass 'Feen-Haar'
Traditional angel hair

Spun Glass 'Feen-Haar' from Germany
Curly spun glass for Christmas crafts & decorating
Angel Hair ~ Fairy's Hair ~ Chevaux d'Ange
 A favorite with artisans and crafters who prefer the nostalgic look of authentic, old-time craft materials, our 'Feen-Haar' is made from bright white, extra-fine fibers of silky spun glass. As light and airy as a gleaming, curly cloudlet, small swirls of angel hair are lovely accents for Victorian-inspired spun glass ornaments, and can be used when restoring antique Christmas ornaments and decorations as well.
Curled spun glass, which in America has also been commonly referred to as "angel hair" since the first half of the 20th-century, is a traditional decorative element for Christmas decorating. Many families love the magical, winter wonderland effect that drifts of curly spun glass add to their tree, and wouldn't consider decorating for the holidays without it!
Our own import from Germany, this 'Feen-Haar' is produced in a small family workshop that still uses antique machinery which dates to the early 1900's. Made of 100% spun glass, it is non-inflammable.
Bag of 15 grams. Made in Germany.
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#SG01   $3.75
Angel hair enjoyed a new surge in popularity during the 1940's, when it was used to swath electric Christmas tree light bulbs in clouds of these curly, extra-fine glass fibers. When the tree was lit, the light from the colored bulbs would shine through the gleaming puffs of spun glass, so that the tree would glow in the dark like a fantasy aurora borealis!
Curly Spun Glass 'Feen-Haar' ~ Blue
  A rarely-found color, this ethereal light blue is a special treat for Christmas enthusiasts and crafters alike. Made in Germany, it is manufactured from rods of blue glass that are heated and then spun into curling, gossamer-fine threads.
Please note that we purchased our supply of this curly blue 'Feen-Haar' back in the mid-90's, so it is available in limited quantities only.
Bag of 15 grams. Made in Germany.
#SG01B   $12.00
•  Important Information about using Curly Spun Glass ~ Tips from our Artists  •
 If you have never used curly spun glass before, do be aware that it is very much like Fiberglass and can be itchy if it gets on your hands or clothing. It's always best to wear latex or rubber gloves when using any kind of spun glass material, and to work over a sheet of tissue paper or newsprint to catch any loose glass fibers. We also highly recommend that you do not use this product for holiday decorating if children or pets will have access to your Christmas tree.
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