Dresden Trims Shop
Paper Foil Die-Cut Embellishments
Embossed, die-cut paper craft trims from the past, these old-time
embellishments are made from metallic foil-covered paper that is
stamped out on vintage machines using the original old molds.
We're working on a new Dresden Trims Shop!
As many long-time customer friends from our mail order catalog
days know, D. Blumchen & Company is a mother and daughter
team, along with our fabulous Blumchen elves and artists.
We do everything in-house, from tracking down sources for our
old-time offerings to styling and photographing all the products
we offer, and even design and build the website by ourselves.
So...the point being, we have put off updating this shop because
with a Dresden trims collection that spans thirty years and a few
hundred styles, including many antique and vintage pieces, it
has always seemed a bit of an overwhelming job to go through
the boxes to organize everything on the "Wall o' Dresdens."
We have decided to tackle this task by separating the trims
into smaller, more manageable categories, and will make them
available in the Dresden Trims Shop as soon as they are done.
Stay tuned to see what unique and rare treats we post next!