Easter Egg Wraps ~ Fabergé Motifs
Make Exquisite Imperial Easter Eggs!
10 designs ~ Made in Poland
It's so easy to create regal Easter eggs with this set of ten decorative egg wrap sleeves. First, position the wrap evenly around a jumbo hard boiled egg, set it onto a slotted spoon, dip into a pot of just-boiled water for a few seconds, and you're done! The sleeves look great on both brown or white eggs, and you can even dip the ends in colored dye after the wraps are applied. Children should use only with close adult supervision at all times. From Poland.
• For use with Jumbo-size eggs •
Sold as one pack of egg wraps.
Package contains one sheet of egg
wraps with 10 assorted designs.
Easter Egg Wraps ~ Fabergé Motifs