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Easter Necessities
Ostergras Paper Easter Grass from Germany
Tissue Grass Mat & Festooning ~ Egg Coloring
No matter how you celebrate the Eastertide, everyone needs egg coloring for dying Easter eggs as well as paper grass for filling baskets! We searched and searched until we discovered a small, family-run company in Germany that still produces paper Easter grass in the traditional fashion, so we are delighted to offer this selection of twelve decorator colors which are made especially for Blümchen. And we are happy to now offer Doc Hinkle's and White Rabbit egg dyes, both of which have been made in America since the 19th century.
Old-Fashioned Paper Easter Grass
An Easter Classic Since Victorian Times • Narrow-Strand Paper Grass
Made especially for Blümchen in Germany
Years ago, a young friend of our acquaintance solemnly explained to her Mother that she knew her basket was really from the Easter Bunny because "he uses real grass, not that shiny stuff." Her Mama had used our paper grass, so if a five year old can tell the difference...
Made in Germany in the classic, narrow-strand style, Blümchen is thrilled that we can now offer twelve beautiful colors for you to choose from. Packaged in 30 gram bags, the colorful Easter bunny nests pictured above were created by shaping one bag's worth of the paper grass.

Paper Easter Grass Collection
Selection of Twelve Stylish Decorator Colors
• The Perfect Packaging for Gift Baskets •
Paper Easter Grass can be used all year long
A colorful way to cushion all manner of candies, confections and chocolate candies when you're creating a special presentation, this food safe paper grass is a nice, old-style filler to use in gift baskets. And it can be saved from a gift package to be used again in an Easter basket!
This lovely Valentine
heart box was
filled with our
red grass
and is a stylish
way to cushion a
delicious gift of love

Blümchen's Paper Easter Grass Collection ~ Our Exclusive Selection of 12 Colors
We are pleased to be the only American company to import this traditional Ostergras
paper Easter grass directly from the family-owned manufacturer in Germany
30 grams of fine-strand paper grass per bag ~ each bag $3.25
Cloud White
Vanilla Creme
Daffodil Yellow
Orange Creme
Rose Pink
Deep Azalea Pink
Strawberry Red
French Lilac
Sky Blue
Spring Green
Grass Green
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