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Easter Egg Coloring and Egg Paint
Traditional American Egg Dyes
Traditional Easter Egg Dyes
Doc Hinkle's Paint-On Egg Coloring • White Rabbit Egg Dye
Made in America since the 19th Century
It's fun to decorate your own eggs for Easter! We are happy to offer these old-time American egg dyes, both of which have been produced in the United States since Victorian times.
These long-time brands are still owned by family-run companies, so you can be assured that the Easter egg coloring and dyes we offer are non-toxic, food safe and of the highest quality.
Paint a Pretty Egg for Easter
Our artists especially like this liquid egg
dye because it can be mixed to create
additional colors, then applied to a blank
egg "canvas" with a paintbrush to make
one-of-a-kind Easter egg masterpieces!
Doc Hinkle's Original
Paint-On Easter Egg Coloring
A Pennsylvania Dutch Tradition since 1893
This old-time egg dye was formulated in 1893 by "Doc Hinkle" in a Lancaster County pharmacy, and it's still produced in Pennsylvania Dutch country, where the custom of dying Easter eggs was first introduced to the United States. A unique dye that can be used directly from the bottle, the beautiful, quick-drying colors and swab "brushes" make it easy to decorate Easter eggs. This safe, non-toxic paint-on egg coloring is suitable for all ages, and has been enjoyed by generations of American families. Made in the USA.
The kit includes four bottles of liquid
dye in blue, red, purple and yellow, plus
four extra-long cotton-tipped swabs.
Out of stock
#DYE067    $3.95
White Rabbit Premium Egg Decorating Kit
A St. Louis Tradition since 1888
We are delighted to bring you this fun kit from the White Rabbit Dye Company. Founded in St. Louis in 1888, this premium boxed kit includes their famous Easter egg dye coloring tablets as well as a nifty assortment of egg decorating supplies.
Included in each kit is a packet of 6 dye tablets, a wire dipper, egg dye pipette dropper, wax crayon, a sheet of printed Easter egg stands, vinyl sheet of 6 pair of comic googlie eye stickers, a sheet of 41 clear vinyl color-resist stickers in assorted shapes, two rubber bands, and a stick-on sparkly foam cross. Kit comes with instructions as well as egg decorating suggestions. Cold water dye tablets are non-toxic and made from food grade ingredients. Made in the USA.
This premium Easter egg decorating kit
includes 6 different colors of cold water,
food safe and non-toxic dye tablets.
The egg dye tablet colors are red, blue,
yellow, green, purple and orange.
#DYE401    $3.95
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