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Tips from our Artists
Exquisite Egg Boxes

These tips and crafting techniques from our artists
will help spur your creativity and inspire you
create imaginative new designs of your own
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Crafting Tips and Design Notes from our Artists
• Sometimes, no matter how careful you are when overlapping and gluing the trimmed
sections of the scrap picture, you may still see thin white lines which delineate your cut
edges. We like to tone down these lines and make them much less visible by painting a
thin wash of gray or dark brown acrylic paint directly onto the cuts, quickly cleaning off
any excess paint so that it doesn't discolor the scrap picture image.
• If you decide to add a satin-finish gloss to you egg, do note that it doesn't have to be
done only after the egg box is finished. For the Whimsical Eastertide Animals egg, we
applied a coat of water-based varnish after painting the egg box, but before gluing on
the scraps and Dresden border trim. If you do decide to add a varnish after the egg is
completed, just be sure not to get gloss on any of the Dresden trimmings!
• A very pretty technique which gives a glimmery, "sugared" look to an Easter egg box
is to sparkle it with our "Pixie Dust" powdered mica. After painting the egg, brush on a
thin coat of white glue and sprinkle it with the powdered mica sparkles. Let dry, brush
off the excess, and your egg is ready to decorate. We created the little Easter Fantasy Cherubs egg using this method of decorating.
• Create your own custom, extra-fancy Dresden border trims just by gluing together
different colors and patterns! To make our favorite new egg trimming, we glue together
the double-pointed style of both the gold and the white Fancy Borders Assortment trim.
We staggered the points so that this bi-color trimming has a gold-white-gold pattern.
The addition of the matte white trim to a metallic Dresden border added a fresh, airy
look which is quite appealing.
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