Martha Stewart  Holiday

Have Yourself a Handmade Christmas
Special Issue • Holiday 2008
Want to make Martha's handmade decorations?
Just click on the links below for purchasing information ~

Blümchen's old-time craft supplies are used
to create these charming decorations:
Snowball Gift Box ~ page 84
Gilded Egg Ornaments ~ pages 22-23
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Snowball Gift Box
Blümchen carries all of the old-time
crafting supplies needed to create
Martha's snowball gift box.

~ pictured on page 84 ~
We also have mint condition, old store
stock holly berries, holly leaves and
vintage flowers if you would like to add
decorative touches of your very own!
Cardboard Ball Boxes
We offer a large selection of these wonderful
pressed cardboard boxes from Germany, in
shapes from balls and eggs to walnuts, pine
cones, hearts and even Santa Claus boots.
Diamond Dust Glass Glitter ~ Mica Flakes

Our glass glitter from Germany is available in
crystal clear, gold and silver, from super-fine
to standard granulation. Plus, we also offer
vintage mica flake sparkles from the 1930's!

Vintage Holly Leaves

Our original old lacquered
holly leaves were made in
Czecho-Slovakia in the 20's.

Vintage Holly Berries
Why not use our vintage, old
store stock holly berries to
decorate your snowball?
Vintage Flowers
To make your snowball gift
box container extra-fancy,
add a pretty floral accent!
Vintage Flowers Collection >

Gilded Egg Ornaments
~ pictured on pages 22-23 ~

Starflower Dresden Trims

Dresden trims are nostalgic embellishments
which are made of die-cut, embossed foil-
covered paper. We offer a wide selection
of these fabulous Victorian-style trimmings.

Mica Powder

Want to add a subtle shimmer to your holiday
ornaments? This super-fine "Pixie Dust" can
be mixed into paint to create a metallic shine
on decorations which is quite enchanting!

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