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Vintage Mushrooms New Spun Cotton Mushrooms
Welcome to Mushroom Land! Blümchen's mushroom
gnomes are pleased to invite you to peruse our new
collection of genuine old store stock mushrooms, as
well as our selection of eleven sizes of traditional German 'Glückspilz' spun cotton mushrooms.
Vintage Mushrooms Collection
Collectible old stock mushrooms from Germany

#MQ001   $11.95
Sold out
#MQ003   $6.50
#MQ004   $7.50
Cute little mushrooms that look as
if they were hand carved of wood
by talented forest gnomes!
Made of spun cotton with a hard lacquer
finish, the caps are the color of a dark,
rich chocolate. Both sizes of the button
mushrooms have green paper-covered
wire stems which are about 3 ¼" long.
Wee Button Mushrooms
Mushrooms are 1/2" high
Bunch of 12 pieces
#MU01BR    $3.50
Chubby Button Mushrooms
Mushrooms are 3/4" high
Bunch of 12 pieces
#MU03BR    $6.75
MQ007A  $4.95
MQ007B  $5.50
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