Lametta Tinsel Roping
Gold and Silver
Old World Metallic Tinsel Trims
Made for us in Germany
Whether swirled throughout the boughs of a Christmas tree, or fashioned into fanciful ornaments, this sparkling tinsel roping is a truly traditional trim. Still manufactured on original old machines that date to the late 19th century, real metallic Lametta tinsel is woven onto a twisted wire center. This Lametta tinsel is non-inflammable.
Gold tinsel will darken a bit over
time, while the real silver plated
tinsel is "guaranteed to tarnish."
Sold as one coil per color.
This narrow Lametta tinsel wired
roping is ¼" wide and 6' long.
Narrow Tinsel Roping ~ Gold
Narrow Tinsel Roping ~ Silver