Old World Nativity Collection
A Beautiful Nativity for Christmas Connoisseurs
Designed by Julius Weigelt from 1937-1938
Made in Germany by Marolin
Old World Nativity
Heirloom Nativity Figures of
Old-Style Papier-Mâché
One of the most beloved family customs of the holiday season is setting out the nativity set display, with everyone involved in making sure that the figures and animals are placed just so. This heirloom quality nativity set is a wonderful choice for collectors, and will be treasured for generations to come.
A family tradition of quality since 1900
Made in Germany by Marolin
Finely crafted in the time-honored fashion in a family workshop that was founded in 1900, these artistic nativity pieces have the look of prized antiques. Produced using the original old molds, all of these classic figures were designed by artist Julius Weigelt. Made from a type of papier-mâché that has been used by German toy makers since Victorian times, each molded figure is carefully hand-painted by skilled artisans.
Marolin Nativity sets are gift boxed
in presentation packaging
The nativity display sets come in gift
boxes that are made extra-sturdy so
as to serve as secure storage boxes
for after the holiday season is over.
'The Good News' Set
- $116.10 Sold out
'Holy Family Scene with Stable'
$215.00 - $193.50 Sold out
'The Three Magi' Set
$92.00 - $82.80 Sold out
'A Short Break' Set
$46.00 - $41.40 Sold out
'At the Well' Set
$106.00 - $95.40 Sold out
'Faithful Companions' Set
$52.00 - $46.80 Sold out
'Hurrying to the Manger' Set
$66.00 - $59.40 Sold out
'Flock of Sheep' Set
$74.00 - $66.90 Sold out
'Group of Goats' Set
$46.00 - $41.40 Sold out
Crèche Lilies ~ Pink & Blue
$14.95 ea -
now $13.45
Chenille Palm Tree
$39.50 - $35.55 Sold out