Christmas Tree Light Reflectors
'Star Design'
Give Midget Lights an Old-Time Look
Set of 24 stars ~ Made in Canada
Such a nostalgic way to dress up a tree or wreath with celestial charm! Just slip the tree light reflectors over electric midget lights to add gleaming, starry accents. Made from a crimped, die-cut tin, the stars come complete with black rubber grommet centers that help them stay firmly attached to your tree lights throughout the holiday season. Crafted in a small family workshop in Canada.
Sold in a set of 24 star reflectors.
Tin stars are 2" wide. Set of 24
stars with rubber grommet centers
come in a tin storage container.
Tin Light Reflectors ~ Stars
Decorate a Holiday Wreath
It's easy to turn these tin light reflectors
into decorative accents: just use a larger
bead, or several small beads strung onto
a long wire to create the fancy centers.