Chenille Stems ~ Pipe Cleaners ~ Chenille Trims
Made in the USA and Germany
Our selection of finest quality chenille stems, trims and pipe cleaners are
tested and approved by Blümchen's artists. Including new production trims as
well as old stock from our archives, they were made in America or Germany.
Raupelchenille Spiral Chenille Roping from Germany
'Raupelchenille' Chenille Roping
Fancy Spirally-Wound Chenille of Fine Silky White Fibers
Old stock from the early 1990's ~ Made in Germany
Another one of our difficult-to-find crafting
supplies from Europe, we had this unique
chenille trim made especially for us back
in '93 by a family-owned firm in Germany.
Called Raupelchenille, which translates to
"caterpillar chenille" due to its its rippling
appearance, it's a nifty old-style trimming
for crafters and artisans.
Tightly spun of silky white fibers, this best
quality chenille roping is made with a wire
center. While stiff enough to form into any
shape, the trim is very malleable so it can
be used as a trimming or to create fanciful
figures, ornaments and decorations.
How to Dye Raupelchenille
Spun Cotton Mushroom made with Raupelchenille
Crafting with Raupelchenille
This chenille trim can easily by dyed to
create any custom color. Blumchen's
artists have used all purpose powder
dye and also liquid dye on the chenille
roping trim and report that it takes the
dye quickly and evenly every time.

While we aren't sure what fiber this
chenille trim is made of, we do suspect
that it's most probably rayon (a natural-
based fiber) due to how easily it dyes.

Make a mushroom! We dyed the
chenille grass green, then created
this cute mushroom with a Watte
spun cotton cap and a stem from
cotton batting rolled on a wire.
Package of White Raupelchenille
Packages of White Raupelchenille
1 package of Raupelchenille
Coil is 9 ft. long by 1/8" wide.
Value set of 3 packages of Raupelchenille
Each coil is 9 ft. long by 1/8" wide.
Sale! $9.00
Cotton Chenille Pipe Stems made in USA
Chenille Stems
1980's Old Stock ~ Made in USA
These 30-year-old chenille stems date
to the late '80s when we purchased
them from the manufacturer. Made by
'Blue Jay Brand,' we have kept them
safely stored in our archives. Still in
fresh, unused condition, the colors of
the chenille fibers are as bright and
vibrant as the day they were made.
As the boxes from the manufacturer
weren't labeled with the composition
of the chenille fibers, our best guess
is that the blue are a cotton/poly mix
because they are stiffer but have a
soft feel, while the silky, plush fibers
of the green chenille stems feels like
it is most probably 100% cotton.
Blue Cotton/Poly Pipe Cleaners USA
Green Cotton Pipe Cleaners USA
Royal Blue Chenille Stems ~ 1/8"
Vintage cotton/poly blend chenille stems
are 12" long by 1/8" wide. USA.
Bundle of 24 stems.
Forest Green Chenille Stems ~ 3/16"
Vintage 100% cotton chenille stems
are 12" long by 3/16" wide. USA.
Bundle of 24 stems.
Yellow Chenille Roping
1990's Old Stock ~ Germany
The soft yellow hue of this chenille
roping makes it a natural choice for
crafting anything from fanciful little
figures to flowers to bumblebees!
We had this German chenille roping
made for us in the mid-'90s. Stored
in our archives for almost 25 years,
it's in unused, like-new condition.
Produced in a tight spiral, the fibers
are cotton and polyester so that the
chenille is firm but with a softer feel.
Cotton/poly blend yellow chenille
stem wired roping is 1/8" wide.
3 yards total (9 ft.) per bag.
Package of Yellow Chenille Roping
Vintage Yellow Chenille Roping Germany
'Candy Cane' Chenille Roping
1990's Old Stock ~ Germany
Dating to the mid-1990's, we had this
chenille twist roping made especially
for us in Germany. Created from two
pieces of wired chenille, so it's extra
sturdy and easily holds any shape.
This high quality chenille roping is
firm but has a soft, plush texture.
Still in fresh, unused condition, the
colors of the chenille fibers are as
bright and vibrant as the day it was
made more than 25 years ago.
Sale! Save 20% off
Reg. price $4.50 - now just $3.60
Cotton/poly blend chenille stem
wired roping is 1/4" wide.
6 ft. total - each bag contains
two 3' long pieces of roping.
Sale! $3.60
Each piece of this chenille roping has
variations in the spacing of the stripes.
A skilled worker feeds two pieces of
red and white chenille roping into a
specialized machine that twists them
together, so much like old-fashioned
candy canes that are made by hand,
the stripes in this trim will vary.
A note about our double-twist roping
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