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Crepe Paper Collection
Best quality crepe papers from the USA and Germany
for crafters, artisans and decorators
Our crepe paper collection includes both standard single-ply and double-sided crepe papers in a wide range of colors, as well as printed crepe and streamers. The traditional American crepe is still made in the old style with a fine, tight grain, while our duplex art crepe paper from Germany is a thicker, sturdier material.
Crepe Paper ~ Info and Tips
•  About crepe paper - craft projects and tips from our artists  •

What is Crepe Paper?
  Crepe paper is the term for a decorative art paper that has been finely crinkled, or "crêped". Resembling - and named for - the French fabric crêpe, it is created using a colored tissue paper which is first coated with sizing, then "crêped" to create fine, even gathers.
  Highest quality crepe papers such as our offerings will have a nice, tight grain for a superior "stretch" so that it will retain its shape whether used in flower making, for costumes or as party room decorations.
How to Make Custom 2-ply Crepe Paper in Solid or Contrasting Colors
Created from two pieces of single-ply crepe paper, this is a nice intermediate thickness
that falls just between our standard single ply and the Gloria double-sided crepe paper.
This medium weight crepe paper is an especially useful material when crafting flowers,
because the most realistic effects are achieved by mixing different plies to more closely
mimic the varying thicknesses of a flower's parts such as the petals, calyx and leaves.
• Cut two pieces of evenly-sized crepe paper,
making sure that the grain of the paper runs in
the same direction on both pieces.
• Smaller pieces of crepe paper are easiest to
work with. A standard-size piece of paper (8½"
x 11") is about the largest size that is easy to
handle without wrinkling the crepe paper.
• An Important Tip: Two thin-to-medium coats of
spray glue are much better than one thick coat.
• Spray each piece of crepe paper twice, but let
the crepe paper pieces "rest" about 15 seconds
in between each spray coat. Make sure that you
don't soak the paper with too much spray!
• Immediately after spraying both sheets, lay one
sheet over the other, with the sprayed sides
facing each other. Press down with your palm
to smooth the crepe paper and to make sure
both layers will be firmly bonded together.
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