Best Irish Linen Thread
Vintage Wooden Spools of "Miller Brand" Linen Carpet Thread
Made in Northern Ireland in the 1950's
A fabulous find! Dating to the 1950's, this old store stock "Miller Brand - Best Linen Carpet Thread" was produced in N. Ireland. Discovered still packaged in paper-wrapped boxes, this green linen thread is unfaded and still as vibrant as the day it was made more than sixty years ago. We obtained these wooden spools of best grade linen thread from a third-generation Oriental rug & carpet supply company in NYC that sold it for use in the restoration of antique rugs and tapestries, so you can be assured of its quality and superior strength.
Our artists use this Irish linen thread in the Blümchen atelier, and recommend it highly for all types of design projects, from sewing and quilting to stringing glass beads for Christmas garlands. While the wooden spools are labeled only with the weight of the thread, and not by the yardage, we can tell you that each spool holds hundreds of yards of thread and that even in our atelier the spools last for many years.
Sold as one spool per thread weight.
#40 Fine - Miller Irish linen thread,
3 ply cord - 2 oz. - soft finish
#25 Heavy - Miller Irish linen thread,
3 ply cord - 4 oz. - soft finish
Irish Linen Thread ~ #40 Fine
Thread ~ #25 Heavy - sold out