1990's Papier-Mâché Doll Head
"Paint-It-Yourself" Craft Doll Head
Made in Germany
A wonderful resource for doll artisans or crafters, this reproduction doll head was made in Germany in the 1990's. Hollow cast of a traditional type of a liquid papier-mâché, the head has a smooth, bisque-like finish. This sweet face can be used to make a girl or boy doll, and is an authentic craft supply for crafting an old-style candy container.
The doll head can be painted using acrylic paint, oil paint or even gouache. To make the blushed cheeks, we used a professional air brush, but one could also use powdered pigments and apply it the same manner as makeup blush.
Sold as one doll head.
Papier-mâché doll head is 2½"
high overall. The width of the
head, measuring ear-to-ear,
is a bit more than 2" wide.
Reproduced from an antique doll
head that was originally made by:
Max Oscar Arnold Doll Company
Neustadt bei Coburg, Germany
Est. 1878 - closed 1931
The papier-mâché doll head is marked
on the back with an eight-pointed star
surrounding the initials "MOA" - 150 -
Made in Germany - Welsh - R 6/0
German Papier-Mâché Doll Head