Premium Red Wool Blend Felt Craft Sheets made by Felters Co. USA
Premium Wool Blend Felt Craft Sheets
Extra-large felt fabric sheets are 40% wool and 60% rayon
Old stock from 1988 ~ Made in the USA
This vintage, bright red felt was made by the Felters Company back in 1988. Stored in our attic for almost 33 years, these felt fabric craft sheets are in like-new condition. Made in a mix of 40% wool with 60% rayon fibers, the felt has a soft, pliable "woolly" feel, but with the added strength of rayon. A quality felt, it's great for crafting toys, Christmas stockings and ornaments, and to make fanciful no-sew felt flowers.
This felt can be dyed to create your
own custom colors. Our artists used
Rit color remover to lighten the red
felt, then dyed it again using a "tea
stain" color dye to create an antique
look when making a Santa outfit.
Do note that this wool and rayon felt
will shrink somewhat when dyed. The
felt will also become thicker because
of the shrinkage, so you can use it
as is or just iron it again to flatten.
Extra-large craft felt sheets.
These wool-blend felt sheets are
17½" long by 11½" wide.
USPS shipping label from 1988
Original shipping label dated 11/29/88
We wanted to share this UPS label
from one of the shipping cartons,
because we had to laugh that this
heavy, oversize box shipped from
the Felters Co. in Massachusetts
to New Jersey for the cost of just
$ times have changed!
Red wool blend sheets for Santa Claus crafting
Value Set Sale - Save 35% off
Sheets measure 17½" by 11½"  -  Manufactured in America
Red Wool Blend Felt - 6 sheets
Reg. $17.95, now just $11.65
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