Antique & Old Stock
Glass Doll and Animal Eyes
Handmade in Germany
Our selection of glass doll and animal eyes
date from the early 1900's to 1995. Old-time
supplies for artisans and crafters alike, the
eyes can be used when creating miniature
dolls, teddy bears, papier-mache figures or
felted toy animals. The glass eyes are also
suitable for the restoration of vintage blown
glass Christmas ornaments, Putzen sheep,
toy animals, holiday decorations such as
wax angels, and miniature porcelain dolls.
Shown at top is a picture postcard view of
Lauscha, Germany in the '50s, which still
looked very much like this during our visits
in the early 1990's. A fabulous find from a
tour of the Lauscha Museum für Glaskunst
in 1992 is our rare miniature glass doll eyes.
Genuine antique glass collectibles that are
more than 100 years old, we purchased all
that they had from the museum gift shop!
antique tiny doll eyes from circa 1910 from the Lauscha Glas Museum, Germany
Antique and Vintage Glass Animal and Doll Eyes from Germany
antique 1910 tiny miniature glass doll eyes from Lauscha, Germany
6 mm Antique Glass Doll Eyes, Brown Iris
3/16" wide by 3/32" high - 1 pair.

Each set of eyes is packed in the clear
round container as pictured above.
Antique Tiny Glass Doll Eyes
Made in Germany circa 1910
Purchased at the Museum für
Glaskunst in Lauscha, Germany
In January 1992, we made our third
visit to the famous Lauscha Museum
for the Glass Arts. After touring the
museum exhibits, we stopped in at
their gift shop, and on the counter
was a small dish of these teeny-tiny
antique glass doll eyes! Handmade
in Lauscha in the early 1900's, the
original glassblower's grandson had
donated them to the museum as a
fund raiser. We bought their entire
stock, and have kept them safely
stored in our archives ever since.
Made one-at-a-time in the old-time
lampwork technique, the sides are
"pinched" and end in points. Rare
antiques that can be used for the
restoration of miniature dolls and
blown glass Christmas ornaments.
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Using a magnifying glass, we
take care to match each pair
of teeny-tiny eyes. If you are
ordering more than one pair,
please note that we cannot
guarantee all sets of eyes
will look exactly the same.

Sale! $10.00
Mini Round Glass Doll Eyes
Made in Lauscha, Germany
Purchased direct from a glassblower
and his daughter apprentice at their
Glashütte in Lauscha back in 1998,
these round ball glass doll eyes are
"new old stock" from our archives.
Skillfully made one-at-a-time by the
traditional lampworking technique,
the precision of these tiny eyes is
just amazing! The solid glass doll
eyes all have black pupils, colored
irises and white milk glass sclera.
Entirely made by hand, please
note that these tiny doll eyes
will vary slightly, so we take
care in packaging in order to
offer them in matched pairs.
mini round glass doll eyes from Lauscha, Germany
German mini glass doll eyes are sold in sets of two pairs of eyes on wires.
2.5 mm Glass Eyes, Brown Iris
3/32" wide - 2 pairs.
3 mm Glass Eyes, Blue Iris
1/8" wide - 2 pairs.
3 mm Glass Eyes, Brown Iris
1/8" wide - 2 pairs.
round ball solid black glass animal eyes made in West Germany
Round Black Animal Eyes
Made in Western Germany
Dating to 1990, these "shoe button
eyes" are great for teddies, felted
animals and even a papier-mache
Easter chickie as pictured above.
Handmade by the old lampworking
method, the solid black glass eyes
were individually formed over an
open torch flame by a glass artist.
Made to order for us, the old stock
eyes are still in like-new condition.
Sold as a set of two pairs on
wires. From West Germany.
3.5 mm Round Black Glass Eyes
5/32" wide - 2 pairs.
Glass Animal Eyes
Made in Western Germany
Purchased back in 1990, we were
thrilled to tour the glass factory in
Western Germany to see how these
traditional animal eyes are made.
Produced to order for us, the "new
old stock" eyes are 28-years-old.
Working over an open torch flame,
a black glass pupil is first attached
to a wire, then the colored glass of
the iris is added as the final step.
Entirely made by hand, please
note that these animal eyes
will vary slightly, so we take
care in packaging in order to
offer them in matched pairs.
glass animal eyes ols stock from West Germany
West German glass animal eyes are sold in sets of two pairs of eyes on wires.
4 mm Glass Eyes, Pale Green
5/32" wide - 2 pairs.
4 mm Glass Eyes, Brown
5/32" wide - 2 pairs.
5 mm Glass Eyes, Brown
3/16" wide - 2 pairs.
Sold out
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