Lametta Tinsel Roping
Wired tinsel roping trims from Germany
Our authentic metallic Lametta tinsel roping trims are made especially
for us in Germany. These sparkling tinsel trims are pretty to swag on
a Christmas tree, or form into shapes to make holiday ornaments.
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Sparkling Metallic Lahn
Lametta Tinsel Wired Roping
Our classic Lametta tinsel trims are authentic treats from the past! Manufactured in the traditional manner on antique machines that are more than 100 years old, these metallic Lametta tinsel trims are made just for us by a family firm that was founded in 1885.
What is Wired Tinsel Roping?
Genuine strands of Leonische "Lahn," which are fine, flattened metal filaments, are woven onto a stiff, twisted wire center. This central wire allows the tinsel roping to be formed into fanciful designs that hold their shape.
A Note about Lametta "Lahn"
This tinsel roping is made from real German metal "Lahn," which is prized by artisans and decorators for its old-fashioned qualities. The metallic strands are somewhat delicate and will matt down with handling, but this just adds to its authentic Victorian charm! Also, the gold-tone and fancy color plated tinsels will darken with time, while all the real silver plated tinsel is "guaranteed to tarnish."
Lametta Tinsel Roping Ornaments
Lametta Tinsel Roping
Narrow - 1/4"
1/4" wide by 6 feet
per package
Our thinnest tinsel roping, this
sparkling trim is made for us in
five beautiful, metallic colors.
Produced especially for us in
Germany, each package has
one 6' long piece of roping.
Each   $8.95
Narrow Gold Tinsel Roping package
Gold    #LA007G
Narrow Silver Tinsel Roping package
Silver    #LA007S
Narrow Pink Tinsel Roping package
Pink/Silver   #LA007SPK
Sold out
Narrow Blue Tinsel Roping package
Blue/Silver   #LA007SBL
Sold out
Narrow Multi Tinsel Roping package
Pastel Multi   #LA007ML
Narow Lametta Tinsel Roping Color Samples Card
Lametta Tinsel Roping
Wide - 5/8"
5/8" wide by 6 feet
per package
Each   $13.95
Our widest size of Lametta tinsel roping, these glistening trims are wonderful for crafting Victorian-style ornaments, for holiday home decorating, and to make ethereal angel halos for the little ones! Available in six metallic colors.
Made especially for us in Germany, each package has
one piece of 6' long metallic Lametta tinsel wired roping.
Wide Gold Tinsel Roping package
Gold    #LA020G
Wide Silver Tinsel Roping package
Silver    #LA020S
Wide Blue Tinsel Roping package
Blue & Silver   #LA020SBL
Wide Multi Tinsel Roping package
Multi Pastel    #LA020ML
Wide Lametta Tinsel Roping Color Samples Card
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