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Mica Flakes & Glass Glitter
Sparkling Accents for Crafts and Decorating
Our old-time diamond dust glitters and mica flake glimmers are perfect for
adding gleaming accents to home crafted ornaments and decorations, and
are also suitable for use in the restoration of vintage holiday collectibles.
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Mica Flakes Glimmer
  Natural flake, powder and metallic mica sparkles  
Snowman and Snow Lady with metallic mica flakes
Old-Time Sparkles
Mica Flake Glimmer
For many centuries, the gleam of translucent flaked mica has been a favorite for creating glistening accents. A natural mined mineral, the glimmer will vary in color, translucency, and style of flake, depending upon the type and the country of origin.
Mica can be applied the same as any other sparkles -- just about any glue can be used, from white glue-all to decoupage mediums or spray glue. Our artists prefer glues that dry clear to preserve its translucent shine. Mica is non-toxic, waterproof and fireproof.
What is Mica?
The name "mica" is derived from the Latin "micare," which means "to glitter" or also "to shine". Mica is a naturally occurring group of silicate minerals that has a perfect basal cleavage, easily splits into thin luminae, and is most often translucent in appearance. It has been used as a gleaming decorative element since prehistoric times; in fact, the earliest usage of mica was found in cave paintings made during the Paleolithic period!
•  Mica Flake Glimmer is sold by Net Weight  •
The volume measurements listed for every variety of our mica
glimmers are approximate and are offered as a guide only.
Vintage Christmas decorations with mica flake snowy accents
Antique Christmas Decorations
with mica glimmers accents
Since early Victorian times, gleaming
mica flakes have been the preferred
embellishment used to replicate the
icy shine of hoarfrost and snow.
Blumchen's Blend mica and glass glitter sparkles mix
Santa Claus Snow vintage mica and flaked glitter mix
Christmas Eve Snow large flake mica
Bavarian Forest Frost mica flakes sparkles
Moon Dust fine granulated mica flakes
New Year's Frost mica glitter mix
Antique Gold metallic mica flakes
Antique Silver metallic mica flakes
Antique Bronze metallic mica flakes
Midnight Frost black mica flakes
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