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Fancy Victorian Paper Lace Doily Cards
'Luxus Papier' cards with envelopes ~ Made for us in Germany
Decorate-it-yourself doily cards from our archives
Our elegant Victorian doily cards are pretty
pale pink cards that can be easily decorated
with scrap relief pictures and Dresden trims
to create charming greetings for any holiday
or special occasion. Such a thoughtful way
to express your loving sentiments, you can
craft a keepsake card for weddings, a baby
shower or birthday celebration - and they're
absolutely perfect for designing Valentine's
Day and Mother's Day cards, too!
Our vintage paper lace cards were made to
order in Germany especially for us in 1991.
Kept safely stored in the Blümchen archives
for 31 years, the lacy pink doily cards with
matching pink envelopes are still in unused,
like-new condition.
Made from standard-weight German doily
paper, the die-cut and embossed fold-over
cards were produced on vintage machines
using the original old mold.

Extra-large paper lace doily cards
are 5¾” by 8½" and come complete
with burgundy tissue paper-lined
envelopes that are 6½" by 8¾”.

These Old Store Stock
Cards are a Retired Item

and are no longer produced by
the manufacturer in Germany.
Victorian Doily Pink Paper Lace Cards from Germany
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Victorian Paper Lace Doily Cards
Oversize cards come complete with matching pink envelopes.
Fold-over cards are 5-3/4" by 8-1/2".
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pink paper lace doily cards set of 4
pink paper lace doily cards set of 8
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pink paper lace greeting cards to decorate
How-to Tips for Making a Standing Greeting Card
These old-fashioned paper lace cards are made of the standard weight paper
that is traditionally used to manufacture doilies in Germany. While the cards
can be decorated as is, it's a simple process to add a thicker liner paper as a
backing so that your decorated greeting card can be displayed standing.
Choose a color for the backing paper
insert that will compliment the finished
design of the decorated greeting card.
Our artist's favorite weight paper is a
110 lb. card stock, but a lighter, 60 lb.
cover stock is also suitable.
Fold a standard size, 8½" x 11" piece
of paper in half; press down along the
folded edge so that it lays flat.
In the next step you will be gluing the
folded paper insert into the doily card.
Any type of adhesive that is made for
paper crafts such as glue pens, rubber
cement, extra strength glue sticks or
tacky white glue will work well.
To glue the two pieces together, open
the pink doily card so that it lays flat.
Apply the glue along the inside crease
of the card, about ¼" or so wide. Next,
position the backing insert paper into
the doily card, making sure that both
pieces line up evenly at the folds.
Apply small dabs of glue on the back
of the doily's lacy die-cut front panel,
then press down gently to affix to the
paper insert. The pink doily paper on
the back of the greeting card can also
be tacked down with dabs of glue.
And that's it - the greeting card is now
ready to be decorated. A tip from our
artists that's helpful when crafting the
card is to use small bits of removable
mounting putty on the back of die-cut
scraps or Dresden trims to hold them
in place when designing your custom
cards. This makes it much easier to
visualize the finished card design and
not have all the pieces shift around.
Want to make greeting cards with your
own custom printed message? Create
your card's greeting or party invitation
using a word processing program, then
print the paper sheets before folding
to make professional-looking cards.