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Make an Easter Bunny Nest
A pretty way to present Easter candies and gifts, you can
create this charming Easter nest in just 4 steps!
1)  The nest is made out of two cardboard pieces: a round base
and one long side strip. Cut a circle which measures 6" across,
and a side strip which is 20" long by 2" high. We used a 6-ply
cardboard stock that is colored green on both sides so that the
completed bunny nest has a more finished look.

2)  Glue the side strip onto the round base. Hot glue is a fast and easy way to assemble the
cardboard nest, and if your gluing technique isn't that neat, don't worry, because the interior
festooning trim will cover the connection. If you have difficulty curving the side strip evenly around the base while gluing, first add small pieces of tape to hold the side onto the base.

3)  Cut one 58" length of festooning for the outside of the nest. Fold the first 19" of trim in half lengthwise, so that when you glue it around the top rim of the nest, half of the festooning will show on the outside and the other half will be on the inside edge. Keep gluing around the outside downwards so that the trim ends at the bottom of the nest.
4)  To trim the inside of the bunny nest, you will need a piece of festooning which is 37" long. Starting at the top of the nest, begin gluing the festooning into the inside of the nest, positioning the trim so that it circles down to the bottom of the nest. Make sure to cover any glue or tape that might show along the seam at the bottom of the nest.
5)  The completed bunny nest can be trimmed with additional embellishments such as bows, butterflies and flowers to create an extra-special decoration.
One roll of festooning will make
three Easter bunny nests

Tissue Grass Mat
Decorative Greensward of Frilled Tissue Paper
Create a Springtime Fantasy Land
with our tissue paper grass mat
A quick and easy way to make a lush, landscaped
tableau, our tissue grass mat can be used to set
the scene for all manner of holiday decorating.
Still manufactured in America of high quality, vibrantly-colored
tissue paper, this festooning has crystal-clear cellophane frills
added to impart a bright shimmer. A fun trim you can use as a
sprightly "grassy" accent for Springtime decorating, we used
it to make the cute Easter Bunny nest pictured. Blümchen's
artists' easy-to-follow instructions are listed below.
Roll of festooning is 25' long by 2" wide
Each roll   $3.25
Grass Green
Light Green
Tissue Grass Mat ~ Set of Two
What a nifty item! A clever decorative accent that can be used all year round, this grass mat is a charming way to landscape the center of a dinner or buffet table, to run along a mantelpiece, or even to replicate a grassy lawn for an indoor garden party! The opened mats both measure 15" by 30" and can be cut into smaller sizes as desired. Made in the USA, each package contains one strip with two individual pull-open honeycomb grass mats. Instructions for use are included.
Package of two tissue grass mats ~
each opened mats is 15" by 30"
#KA53-GR   $4.50
Tissue Grass Mats and Festooning
  Decorative Frill for the Eastertide