Bunny on a Swing
Bavarian Art Pewter Decoration
Wilhelm Schweizer ~ Germany
Swinging so high to try and touch the blue sky, this playful Easter bunny boy is a spirited art pewter collectible. Made in the traditional bas-relief style, the 'Zinnfigur' is finely detailed and painted on both sides, with the back showing the other side of the design. Entirely handcrafted in Germany by Wilhelm Schweizer Zinnfiguren, this family firm has specialized in creating top-quality pewter flats since 1796. Gift boxed.
Individually painted by hand, the
colors used on each pewter flat will
vary at the whim of the artist.
Sold as one pewter flat.
Standing art pewter decoration
is 4½" high by 5½" wide.
Bunny on a Swing - Pewter Flat