Halloween Cotton Ornaments
Exclusive Treats from Blümchen!
Old Stock from Holiday 1991
We were astounded to find the original project box from 1991 that contained not only the crafting instructions and patterns, but actual completed figures! Now 26 years old but still in wonderful condition, we are delighted to share these vintage Halloween cotton batting ornaments with our collector friends.
Designed and crafted in our atelier, the spun cotton figures were created in the old manner. The materials used are all antique, vintage or old-style; we even imported the cast pewter knife from Germany just for the pumpkin man! All three are dressed in costumes of crepe paper with Dresden trim buttons and bows; vintage scrap faces are German.
Sold as one cotton ornament.
The Batty Witch is 4" high, Pumpkin
Head and Little Witch are 3¾” high.
'Batty Witch' Figure - sold out
'Pumpkin Head' Figure - sold out
'Little Witch' Figure - sold out
Blumchen Halloween cotton batting ornaments
Pumpkin Man Halloween cotton ornament
Little Witch Halloween cotton ornament
Batty Witch Halloween cotton ornament