'Halloween Witch and
her Pumpkin Pals'
Vintage Holiday 1996 Ornament
From the Blümchen Atelier
Authentic old stock from our archives, this Victorian Whimsey witch is now 22-years-old! Kept carefully stored so that each ornament is still in mint condition, she is a wonderful piece to display on a Halloween or Christmas tree. The witch is prettily gift packaged as shown.
Handcrafted in our atelier using vintage and old-style materials, the glass witch head is a blown glass ornament that we had made in Germany for us; her finely detailed features were painted by our artists. Wearing a skirt of starry black crepe paper, her fancy belt is a vintage Dresden. Striped leggings are twists of black and yellow cotton chenille, while her wee, wooden clog shoes are from Denmark. Pumpkins pals are of spun cotton Watte that our artists painted freehand with grinning jack-o'-lantern faces; glass eyes are German.
Sold as one glass ornament.
Victorian Whimsey is 6¼" high.
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'Halloween Witch' Ornament
Halloween Witch and her Pumpkin Pals glass ornament
Halloween Witch glass ornament closeup
Halloween Witch ornament back view