Old-Time Halloween Candies
Trompe-l'oeil "Candy" Ornaments
From the Blümchen Atelier
They may look like yummy Halloween candies, but they're actually "fool the eye" treats for the tree! Made from European glass ornament beads, each piece is hand-wrapped in colorful twists of confectionery papers. Crafted in our atelier, each piece of "candy" has a metal loop hanger. Set of eight pieces includes two each of the four designs pictured. Gift boxed in the black satchel box as shown below.
Sold as a set of 8 ornaments.
Halloween candies glass ornaments
all measure about 2" long.
Halloween Candy Assortment
Sold out
Old-Time Halloween Candies glass ornaments
Each set of "candies"
arrives packaged in
this cute Halloween
gift satchel!
Old-Time Halloween Candies gift box