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Pretty Posies • How-To
The tools you'll need to make these flowers:
scissors  •  white glue-all  •  ruler
Pretty Posies ~ Crepe Paper Flowers
Step-by-Step Crafting Instructions
1) The posies are made with just two materials:
a chenille stem or pipe cleaner and a strip of 2"
wide crepe paper. For these instructions, we
show a 6" long strip of single-ply crepe paper,
but you can use any length from 4" to 8" long.
Our instructions show how to make a medium-fullness posy blossom using a strip of crepe
paper that measures 2" wide by 6" long. To create posy bouquets with a more naturalistic
look, we used 2" wide strips of single-ply crepe paper in three lengths: 4", 6" and 8" long.
And to make flowers of different heights, just vary the cut lengths of the chenille stems.
2)  Cut a chenille stem (narrow style, 1/8" wide
stems are best) into 6" long pieces. Bend a hook
at one end that is from 3/4" to 1" high.
3)  Make strips of crepe paper that are 2" wide.
When cutting the strips, it is very important that
the grain of the crepe runs horizontally along the
width. Crepe strips can be from 4" to 8" long.
4)  Gather the crepe paper strip into a "bow tie"
shape. Starting at one end, gather the crepe
paper into accordian-style folds, pinching in at
the center to create the "bow tie."
5)  Position the gathered crepe paper "bow tie"
so that it nestles tightly up into the hook of the
chenille stem.
6)  Twist the end of the chenille stem hook firmly
around the flower stem so that the crepe paper
"bow tie" is held securely in place. Do make sure
that the end of the hook lies flat and doesn't stick
out from the stem, and that the entire length of
the flower stem is nice and straight.
7)  Fan open each side of the "bow tie" so that
the sides of each half meet; this will create the
circle shape of the flower. Position the folds so
that they lay in evenly-spaced "petals."
8)  Glue the side edges of the flower together,
with the edges of both halves facing down.
This ensures that the top face of the posy will
have a polished appearance. Trim the edges of
the crepe posy so that it makes a neat circle.
9)  Adding a ruffled edge to the flower is easy:
grasp a small section (about 1/4" or so) of the
outer posy edge between your thumb and index
finger, and give the crepe paper a nearly 180°
twist. The more completely "round" the twist is,
the frillier the ruffled edge will be.
10)  Twist ruffles all the way around the outer
edge of the flower. Do note that you can always
go back and re-twist sections of the edge if they
aren't ruffled enough to create a posy that has
an evenly circular shape. And while the ruffling
does add a frilly charm to the flower, the posies
can also be enjoyed without this extra step!
11)  Add a decorative center to the flower with
a Dresden trim or flower stamens. For the posy
shown above, we simply glued a die-cut silver
Dresden star into the center of the flower.
12)  The posy can be further finished with the
addition of a crepe paper-covered stem. For the
stem covering, you can use either two-ply crepe
paper or single-ply that is folded in half. Trim the
crepe paper strip so that it is no more than 1/2"
wide. Starting at the top, glue down one end of
the strip, then spin it diagonally down the length
of the stem, pulling the crepe tightly to make a
smooth, even surface, adding glue as needed.
Pretty Posies ~ Crepe Paper Flowers
Design Tips and Inspiration from our Artists
To create your own individualized posies, try using any color of crepe paper, or even printed crepe
streamers to make whimsical blossoms such as the examples shown below. The posies look best
when finished with the addition of decorative centers. The quickest and easiest way to add this focal
point is by using Dresden trim stars and buttons. For the fancier Dresden "stamen" centers, we layered
graduated pieces in contrasting colors to achieve a fancier effect. If you want to create more realistic
looking posies, you can glue on wired-together bundles of millinery flower stamen. And to add leaves
to the flowers, we used our double-sided crepe paper because of its thicker, sturdier weight. Fold
the crepe paper in half (with the grain running lengthwise), then cut out any leaf shape you desire.
Our easy-to-make flowers can be customize to suit any holiday or special occasion with just
a few extra touches. These pretty posies can be enjoyed as a single stem, gathered into dainty
nosegays or elaborate bouquets, and can also be worn as jaunty boutonnières by gentlemen!
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