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Crepe Paper Girls Party Favor Baskets

Project designed by Beatrice Blum Boyce
A fun and easy craft project you can
make at home, just follow the step-by-
step instructions to create any of these
cute crepe paper girl decorations

Step 1: Prepare your materials
It's easiest to assemble the finished project if you
prepare your materials first and have them handy
as you put the decoration together.

• 1/4" wide cotton chenille pipe cleaner for the arm
piece, item #CRF002, cut to a length of 2 3/4".
• Peach crepe paper for the hands, item #CPR010.
Cut two small pieces of crepe paper to measure
3/4" square; trim corners so that it forms a circle.
• Midnight blue crepe for the sleeve, #CPR048.
Cut the sleeve to measure 2 1/2" long by 1" wide.
The grain of the crepe paper should run parallel to
the 1" width of the cut sleeve piece.
• Angel scrap face, item #SQ16. Cut off the wings
and trim down the neck into a point as shown. To
strengthen the scrap, you may glue it to a sturdier
piece of paper or thin cardboard before trimming.
• Midnight blue crepe paper for the dress overskirt,
#CPR048. Cut one piece at 6" wide by 4 1/2" high.
The grain of the crepe should run parallel to the
4 1/2" height of the cut overskirt piece.
• Use flame red crepe paper for the underskirt, #CPR026. Cut one piece at 6" wide by 6" high.

* The following instructions will show you how to create the Independence Day Girl crepe paper
party favor basket. To make the other figures pictured above, the crafting instructions are
exactly the same - simply change the heads, crepe paper colors, nut cups and embellishments.

Tools and Supplies
To make this project, you will need
the following crafting tools:
_• a pair of scissors
_• straight ruler
_• sewing thread and needle
_• "dry" white glue: click for info >
_• wood skewer, paint brush or
__ orange stick for applying the
glue. Our very favorite is the
__ wood manicure orange stick
__ because of its beveled ends.

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Step 2: Make the arms
Crafting Tip: When working with white glue and the
crepe paper, be aware that a little goes a long way!
You will only need tiny taps of "dry" glue to create
these charming little crepe paper girl figures.
* Click here for information about making "dry" glue >

• Glue a peach crepe paper circle onto each end
of the pipe cleaner to create "hands." Tap a pinch
of glue onto the pipe cleaner, then fold the crepe
paper down into a tent shape. Tap a small bit of
glue into the folds of the crepe paper, and spin it
around the pipe cleaner to tighten. Be careful not
to poke the wire end of the pipe cleaner through
the crepe paper at the ends of the hands! Let dry.
• To add the sleeve, run a small amount of glue
down along one side of the pipe cleaner arm. Lay
one edge of the crepe paper sleeve piece along
the glue and tap down. Adjust the crepe paper so
that about 1/8" to 3/16" of the "hands" shows on
each end of the arm piece. Roll the sleeve around
the arm piece, nice and even. Add a thin line of
glue along the inside edge of the crepe paper and
tap down, making sure that the edge is sealed.