'Valentine Verses' circa 1910 penny postcards made in the USA
'Valentine Verses' Penny Postcards
Antique Valentine Postcards ~ Genuine Old Store Stock
Printed in America circa 1910
Valentine postcards with rhyming verse sentiments were all the rage during the early 20th century, and were a popular way to send a loving message to your heart's desire. We are quite delighted to offer this rare collection of genuine antique penny postcards that are more than 100 years old! Printed in the USA circa 1910, the divided-back postcards are in very good, unused condition.
Sold as one antique postcard.
Valentine postcards are 5½" by 3½".
Antique Valentine penny postcard
I wish you knew a certain girl,
her style is so indescribable;
Her manners really
are quite nice,
Her fortune quite desirable.
Her portrait this:
they call it fine
And she's your own true
I wish for you, a little man,
with manners always beautiful;
With clothing always
spic and span,
His pleasure to be dutiful.
And if you're sharp,
you will agree:
The portrait is describing me.
Your Valentine.
I wish for you - A little maid
demure and sweet,
With eyes as blue as heaven;
To keep your house so
trim and neat,
And breakfast have at seven.
Such little maid, to tell you true
Is the one who sends
this card to you.
Valentine Verses circa 1910 penny postcards
I hope you'll find
a handsome man.
With a handsome pile of money;
For then you very surely can
Live upon dew and honey.
I simply add,
the wish is mine
To be that lucky
I wish you'd have an offer
Of marriage, tho 'tis true,
That this so often happens,
It's nothing new to you.
But if you should accept one
And that one should be mine:
Why that would bring
to pass the wish
Of your true Valentine.
You think your heart secure,
Against bold Cupid's darts;
But don't you be too sure
The lad hath many arts.
Some scheme of his will work,
He's sly, his tricks are fine,
Beware, a dart may lurk:
In this gay
Sold out
Valentine Verses circa 1910 penny postcards
I love your apple (pie)
I love your frosted (cake)
And so I'm very positive,
That no mistake I'll make:
To forward you this little line
And choose you for my
A little line
from your Valentine
Will turn it upside down.
If your face is doleful,
and inclined to frown.
Broken hearts are good as new,
If they're mended well -
So if this appeals to you
We'll their secret tell.
Drop us soon a little lines
c/o Your St. Valentine.
Valentine Verses circa 1910 penny postcards
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