'The King of Hearts'
Holiday 2003 Victorian Whimsey
from the Blümchen Atelier
Dressed in his Valentine best, this shy little monarch holds a box of candy and a single white rose to present to his sweetie, the queen of his heart! An original ornament which was designed and crafted in our atelier, the attention to detail is just amazing. The ruby red blown glass heart is embellished with gilt Dresden trims, an antique die-cut floral heart scrap and Raupelchenille. The boy figure is of cotton batting and features a vintage 1920's die-cut scrap head. Gift boxed.
Sold as one Victorian Whimsey.
The King of Hearts ornament
measures 3¾” high by 2" wide.
This original atelier ornament
is available in limited quantities.
'King of Hearts' Ornament