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Trikotine Hohlschlauch
Fine Knitted Wire Mesh Tubing
This old-fashioned knit wire mesh tubing has been a favorite trim in
Europe since Victorian times. An authentic Leonian wire trimming from
Germany, it is made especially for us on an original antique machine.
Trikotine Knit Wire Mesh
  Fine wire mesh net tubing from Germany  
Blümchen's Exclusive
Trikotine Metallic Trims
In the late 1990's, at the famous Nuremberg Toy Fair in Germany, we showed a piece of vintage mesh tubing to the owner of a family-owned 'Leonische draht' trimmings firm. He was kind enough to entertain our request to once again manufacture this wire mesh, and even purchased an original antique machine to produce it especially for us! Made in the same style and quality as Victorian-era knit wire net tubing, we are pleased to offer this authentic metallic "Trikotine Hohlschlauch".
What is Trikotine Hohlschlauch?
A traditional Leonian wire trim that has been produced in Germany for centuries, Trikotine is made from extra-fine, plated copper wires that are knit together into a stretchy, metallic tube. A classic trimming that is made for us in the old style, this knit wire mesh has the look of a delicate netting fabric, but has the added charm of its glittery, metallic sheen.
"Guaranteed to Tarnish"
Vintage holiday toys with the original
old Trikotine drawstring bags
Once a popular way to package small
wooden toy sets, drawstring bags of
wire mesh were especially favored by
toy makers in the Erzgebirge region
of Germany to present their wares.
These metallic trims will all oxidize over time. The gold-tone and copper Trikotine will both acquire somewhat darker patinas with age, while the real silver plated knit wire mesh is "guaranteed to tarnish."
Crafting with Trikotine
Millinery and Jewelry
A classic use for Trikotine is to make flowers
for embellishing hats, bridal tiaras and jewelry
brooches: the metallic netting is stretched over
individual wires bent into the shape of petals,
then are assembled into delicate, airy flowers
with clustered beads for the center stamen.
Floral Artistry
Trikotine is used to created floral spikes for dramatic
effect: pieces of the net mesh are wrapped around glass
ornament balls or other elements, then are wired onto
spikes for one-of-a-kind creations. It is also used as
ribbon to wind through floral display arrangements.
Fanciful bouquets made of candy "flowers"
are a lovely European custom: Trikotine
is used to individually wrap each candy,
which are then gathered into bouquets
framed inside Blumenmanschetten, or
flower cuffs. In the olden days, this
trim was also made into wire mesh
candy bags for chocolate coins.
•  Trikotine ~ 5 meter spools   •
This stretchy, metallic wire mesh tubing is made for us in Germany.
Please note that the gold and copper will darken somewhat with age,
and that the real silver plated Trikotine is "guaranteed to tarnish."
5 meters long by 58 mm wide ~ 16 feet long by 2-1/4" wide
Gold Trikotine - Spool
Silver Trikotine - Spool
Copper Trikotine - Spool
•  Trikotine ~ 100 meter rolls   •
Making party favors for a special event like a wedding or baby shower?
These bulk rolls are a great value at just $2.20 per yard.
100 meters long by 58 mm wide ~ 109 yards (328 feet) by 2-1/4" wide
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Regular retail price $300 ~ Now just $240
Gold - 100 Meter Roll
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Silver - 100 Meter Roll
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Copper - 100 Meter Roll
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NEW! Light Pink Trikotine
Pink - 100 Meter Roll
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