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'Pfau' - Zierband und Bänder
Vintage Metallic Trimmings
Boxed Assortment
Old stock metallic ribbon & cording
Made in Germany in the 1950's
A rare find for artisans and crafters alike! Manufactured in Western Germany more than 60 years ago, this deluxe boxed set includes four different styles of metallic trimmings. Produced by 'Pfau' (German for peacock), the Lahnband hanks have embossed metal closures with their logo and "Made in Germany." The set has 46 pieces of old-style ribbon and cording.
Condition note: the boxes all show signs of water damage, but the product inside is still in clean, like-new condition.
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~ Deluxe metallic trimmings boxed assortment ~
Lahnband Metallic Ribbon ~ 12 hanks
  • Set has 3 hanks each of 4 colors:
    Gold, Silver, Red-Gold, Green-Gold
  • 9 feet per hank - 108 ft. total
  • 5/16" wide fancy metallic ribbon
Lahnband Metallic Ribbon ~ 14 cards
  • Set has 14 asst. cards in 4 colors:
    Gold, Silver, Red-Gold, Green-Gold
  • 8-1/2 feet per card - 119 ft. total
  • 3/16" wide metallic ribbon
Viscose & Lahn Ribbon ~ 12 hanks
  • Set has 3 hanks each of 4 colors:
    Red, Green, Blue, Yellow
  • 9 feet per hank - 108 ft. total
  • 3/8" wide silky ribbon
Lahn Metallic Cording ~ 8 spools
  • Set has 8 spools of 2 colors:
    Gold and Silver in various finishes
  • 19 feet per spool - 152 ft. total
  • 1/16" wide metallic cording
Made with genuine Lahn, please note that the gold will darken somewhat
over time, while the real silver plated Lahn is "guaranteed to tarnish".
Set has 46 pieces of trim with a total yardage of 487 feet:
'Pfau' Zierband
Vintage Fancy Metallic
Lahnband Ribbon
Old stock woven metallic ribbon
Made in Germany in the 1950's
This luxurious Lahnband ribbon is quite elegant! Designed with a close attention to detail, the gold Lahn used has two different embossed textures, while the silver plated Lahn was stamped with a miniscule dotted pattern. Mint condition ribbon has a metal closure with the 'Pfau' peacock logo and "Made in Germany."
Sold as one hank of ribbon.
Hank has 3 meters (3.25 yards)
of 5/8" wide metallic ribbon.
'Leonische Warenfabrik'
Vintage Metallic Lahn
Fine Gold Cording
Old store stock metallic cording
Made in Austria in the 1980's
This extra-fine cording was produced in Austria in the 1980's. Old stock that we had stored in our archives, the cording is made of shiny gold metallic Lahn that is twisted around a cotton thread center. Sadly, the firm that produced this trim has closed its doors, so this is our final offer of this old-style craft cording.
Sold as one spool of cording.
Spool has 10 meters (10.95 yds.)
of fine, 1/32" wide gold cording.
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