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Spun Glass Collection
Circle Halos ~ Bird Tails ~ Angel Hair
Made in Lauscha, Germany in a small "Werkstatt" especially for us,
these spun glass halos, tails and wings are perfect for repairing antique
ornaments as well as for creating holiday treasures of your own.
Spun Glass Circle Halos
  White and fancy colors ~ Made in Germany  
Our selection of round spun glass halos range in size from small
to extra-large circles, so that you can craft anything from petite
holiday ornaments to gloriously grand Christmas tree toppers.
The gleaming spun glass circles can be decorated as is, or
add a spun glass tail to create your own celestial comet.
antique 1890s Victorian Dresden trim Valentine hearts
Made in the 1990's for Blümchen
Mini Spun Glass Halos
We were amazed when these 1½"
spun glass circle halos arrived from
Germany, because we never thought
that the glass craftsman could make
such petite halos. It seems our buyer
had mistaken inches for centimeters
when placing our order, so it turned
out to be quite the happy accident!
Made especially for us in Lauscha,
Germany in the 1990's, we just found
one large bag of these unique halos
while separating an old project box.
This is our final offering of these
impossible-to-find mini halos, as the
talented craftsman that made them
sadly passed on a few years ago.
Craft a petite angel ornament
Listed below are all the craft supplies
we used to make these ornaments.
White Mini Circle Halos ~ 1-1/2" wide
Mini circle halo ~ 1 piece
#SGC04W   $2.50
Mini circle halos ~ 3 piece value set
#SGC04W-S  reg. $7.50  Sale! $6.75
Vintage Austrian Silver String
Old stock from the 1980's
Absolutely "guaranteed to tarnish," our silver-plated string was produced with real metallic tinsel Lahn. Made in Austria by a firm that is no longer in business, this is the same type of string that was used for ornament crafting in the olden days.
3 yards per package
Smooth Fine Silver
Metallic String
#TH001S  $1.95
Twisted Silver
Metallic String
#TH002S  $1.95
Spun Glass Angel Ornaments
Tips from our artists & supply links
To make the wings wide enough to fit
a scrap face, cut it apart in the center.
Our favorite glue to use with spun glass
is all-purpose white tacky glue.
Want to trim the edges of spun glass?
The best tool is a pair of cutting pliers.
Blonde angel with blue collar
  • Small angelic beauties scraps #SQ015
  • Dresden dainty angel wings #DT230-G
Circle Halos    2-1/2" wide
Sold as 1 piece ~ each $4.50
Green 2½"   #SGC06GR
Sale! $3.60
Purple 2½"   #SGC06P
Sold out
Circle Halos    3" wide
Sold as 1 piece ~ each $4.75
Yellow 3"   #SGC07Y
Sale! $3.80
Purple 3"   #SGC07P
Sale! $3.80
Circle Halos   3-1/2" wide
Sold as 1 piece per size/color ~ each $4.95
White 3½"   #SGC09W
Yellow 3½"   #SGC09Y
Lilac 3½"   #SGC09L
Sale! $3.95