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Containers of our artist Crista's specially-
prepared "dry" white glue on her crafting
table in Blümchen's Ridgewood atelier.

Keeping and Storing the Prepared Glue
With this method of creating "dry" glue in plastic
tubs, do be aware that the glue will continue to thicken and dry out. Plastic containers are not
totally airtight, so if you want to store glue that
has reached a perfect consistency, transfer the
glue to a glass container with a metal screw-on
lid. Our artists prefer to use clear glass mustard
pots and jelly jars, with the labels soaked off and
scrap pictures decoupaged to the top of the lids!

Working with Crepe Paper
It is especially important to use a "dry" white glue
when working with crepe paper. If your glue is too
wet, the crepe paper will absorb the moisture and
then it won't stick to itself. Also, if the crepe paper
gets too wet from the glue, the colors may bleed.

Rushed for time?
You can instantly "dry" some white glue by pouring
a bit onto a folded square of paper toweling. The
paper towel will absorb some of the moisture in the
glue, making it stickier and not as "wet".

1) Pour some white glue into a plastic take-out tub.
2) Lay the lid on the container so that a little air will
get into the glue. Stir it a few times a day until the
glue begins to thicken. Keep an eye on the glue so
that it doesn't dry out or form a hard crust.
3) When your glue has the consistency of beaten
cake batter, you're done! To keep the glue at this
consistency, make sure that the lid is sealed tight.
4) Our artists prepare their own thickened glue, and
each artist always has at least two containers in
various stages of viscosity. For some craft projects,
white glue which has been prepared to be quite
thick, or about the consistency of softened cream cheese, is especially handy because of its superior
tackiness and "dryness."

Here's a great crafting tip from our artists for
how to prepare all-purpose white glue-all to
make it drier, thicker, and much tackier:
How to Make Thickened "Dry" White Glue *
* Our favorite white glue for almost every craft project made in our atelier is Elmer's Glue-All®. It dries clear without any yellowing, makes great "dry" glue, and is super for gluing Dresden trims.
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