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Vintage Paper Doilies
  Old store stock paper lace doilies  
1970's Vintage Lacy Doilies ~ 10" Round
Fancy Paper Lace Doilies • Antique Ivory
Set of 50 doilies ~ Made in the USA
Made from fine paper in the design of a delicately embroidered European lace doily, these old store stock doilies date to the early 1970's. Now more than 40 years old, the intricately embossed and die-cut large paper lace doilies were produced in America to a high quality rarely seen today. A touch of elegance for parties and holiday celebrations, or why not use them for creating a lovely Victorian Valentine card, decoupage, or any arts and crafts project.
Our authentic old lacy paper doilies
are the color of antiqued ivory, with
the beautifully aged patina that is
a hallmark of older paper goods.
Sold as a bulk set of 50 doilies.
Round paper doilies are 10" wide.
Vintage 10" Round Doilies - set 50