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Paper Lace Doily Borders
  Extra-large doily trim from the USA  
Victorian White Doily Borders
Fancy Extra-Large Paper Lace Doily Trim
Pack of 24 strips ~ Made in America
This lacy trim is wonderful for all styles of
home decorating, from edging the shelves
in a china cabinet or linen closet to adding
an elegant look to a buffet or holiday party
tablescape. And wouldn't this extra-large
trim be so pretty to use when decorating
for a wedding or baby shower, too!
A nifty paper trim for crafters and artisans,
this wide border is handy for embellishing
gift boxes, making custom greeting cards
and envelopes, for framing family photos,
decoupage projects, and scrapbooks.
Made from pure white doily paper that has
a soft satiny finish, this die-cut, embossed
border trim is manufactured in the USA.
White Paper Lace Doily Borders
Pack of 24 extra-large doily strips.
Each strip is 40" long by 3" high.
#D10W  $12.95
Sold out! Sadly, this item had been
discontinued by the manufacturer.